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The Kopycat Killers first formed when frontman Stuart was told for the 200th time at one of his own gigs that he 'sounds just like that bloke out of The Killers' and, being a huge fan, thought, "well why not!". 
Now, they have performed to thousands at Oxbridge Balls, Fake Festivals and High Profile Corporate Events. Stuart and the amazing musicians who make up the 'The Kopycat Killers', have created an unravelled tribute to sell out shows at venues that 'The Killers' themselves have played, such as Bush Hall, London Scala and even Wembley Arena!
The attention to detail is second to none, featuring authentic tones and sequenced studio sounds to emulate 'The Killers' own backing musicians, along with stage wear, instruments, set choice and decoration (including the Killers own famous 'K' keyboard stand), it's all there and correct. There’s even authentic projections and visuals on LED Screens playing in time with the songs, just like a Killers arena show.
Above all though, the musicianship is top tier, The Kopycat Killers performance is damn near perfect. They’ve put all their years of experience, skill and talent into recreating the very best Killers tribute band, and they take recreating their shows very seriously indeed.
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