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Following his untimely death in 1988, the music of Roy Orbison remains as popular as ever. In this fantastic celebration, Barry Steele, who is widely recognised for paying homage to the legendary Roy Orbison, bringing the music of The Big O back to life.

Barry Steele has stunned audiences across England and Europe with his uncanny likeness to Roy, wearing Roy’s trademark dark rimmed glasses and perfectly impersonating his distinctive voice. Whilst in the United States of America Barry sang in front of Roy’s son Wesley, as well as duetting with Bill Dees the co-writer of many of Roy’s songs.

Barry effortlessly performs classic hits such as Ooby Dooby, Mean Woman Blues, Uptown, Only The Lonely, Blue Angel and many more. His set list also goes right through to Roy’s later hits, California Blue, You Got It and I Drove All Night.

Barry Steele transports you and your guests through the early 50’s and 60’s with his unmissable and internationally acclaimed concert ‘The Black and White Night’. The show pays homage to The Traveling Wilbury’s, a band which Roy joined after his successful solo career. The Black and White Show has toured across New Zealand, Holland, Germany, Austria, Denmark and Ireland. The Traveling Wilbury’s also features star tributes to legends such as Bob Dylan, George Harrison, Jeff Lynne and Tom Petty.


Barry Steele has received rave reviews in New Zealand, Nashville, Europe, and Ireland and is currently touring the UK in his own theatre show, “Roy Orbison and friends.”  He is available with his five-piece band or self-contained
True Identikit Brilliance – The Stage.
Roy Orbison by Barry Steele

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Barry Steele - Only The Lonely
Barry Steele - Only The Lonely

Roy Orbison Tribute - Barry Steele Set List

Only The Lonely
Dream Baby
It's Over
Pretty Woman
Too Soon To Know
You Got It
Blue Bayou
In Dreams
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