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Everybody loves our Disco Head Characters, so now we've taking it to the next level! 

These interactive characters are cheeky and charismatic. They will leave the ladies blushing with their suave behaviour and all the guys will want to be their best buddies!

These LED Glow Heads are the perfect walkabout characters to meet and greet your guests and create a 'WOW' factor.  They are eye-catching, great fun and will have the room talking and laughing in no time at all!

The Pixel Project are great for Bah Mitzvahs, Christmas Party Entertainment, Corporate Events, Birthday Parties and Exhibitions. They are super for walking guests into a room, to their tables and can perform interactive character work around the room. 

These LED Character Artistes are so popular for photographs and the perfect act to light up any room and impress your guests!

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