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High Energy Comedy Show that will add a touch of class to any event. An alternative String Quartet, Graffiti Classics perform classical, jazz, opera and folk in a unique style of their own resulting in side-splitting hilarity that is suitable for audiences across the globe!

Guaranteed to liven up your event!

Graffiti Classics was founded by Irishman Cathal O Duill whilst street-performing in Covent Garden. He realised that classical music could be made fun for everyone through interaction and comedy. Having honed its craft on London's streets, Graffiti Classics has developed a world-class virtuosic show that offers a wickedly refreshing alternative to the stuffy elitist perception of classical concerts. It's an exquisite classical concert, but also a gypsy-folk romp, an opera, a stand-up comedy show and a brilliant dance show all rolled into one! The band is now in hot demand all over the world and the show is loved by everyone, whatever their age and musical inclination.

Graffiti Classics has a large international following, having performed regularly across the globe in Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, Tunisia, Sweden, Holland, Estonia, Spain, Italy, Norway, Denmark, Greece, Ireland, Scotland, Wales and England. Graffiti's versatile show provides the ideal entertainment at a huge variety of events, with appearances ranging from festivals, cruise-ships and concert halls to prisons, hospitals and schools; from weddings and parties to theatres and corporate events.

"Closing out the first evening's show was a delightful comedy string quartet who go by the name of Graffiti Classics. This two male/two female act fave us nautical ditties and light classics with a fun approach. These performers probably have more that enough to fill their own cabaret set in cruise ship theatres, given their strong visual comedy image. Highbrow music finds some kind of frankly odd fusion with visual comedy for those who choose to smile their way around classical music."
Mark Ritchie, The Stage.

"On The Fringe, a dazzling foursome called Graffiti Classics has been packing them in at the Pleasance Dome. They are basically a string quartet, with a double bass replacing cello. But that classification doesn't begin to describe their quickfire concoctions of dancing, singing and clowning, all done while they also get their virtuosic fingers around a repertoire running from madrigals and Mozart to tango and even can-can.
The show would be a wonderful antidote for those who think that classical music is as staid as a stained glass. Instead of signing up yet more third-rate comics, the legion of TV executives currently cherry-picking on the Fringe ought to give Graffiti Classics a chance."
Richard Morrison, The Times.

"Graffiti Classics blew away the stuffy cobwebs of classical music with all the force of a tornado. Their combination of madcap humour, sychronised dance moves and energetic performance introduced a fresh dimension to their compilation of best-loved classical tunes.
From the dramatic curtain raiser of Stauss' Also sprach Zarathustra, the intro to Elvis' concerts, to the closing Toreador song from Carmen, it was pure entertainment. An ordinary string quartet that isn't, the four chairs on stage surplus to requirements; a double bass replaces the cello whilst twin violins and viola restore the traditional line-up. That is not to say the two girls and boys are not accomplished musicians; it certainly takes skill to play whilts hurtling around the stage, dancing an Irish jig lying flat on your back.
They played the kind of tunes that are easy to hum or clap along to and such participation was occasionally mandatory as their Covent Garden busker origins emerged. The programme carried from Khachaturian's frenetic Sabre Dance to the gentility of Revel's Bolreo whilst the Dance Of The Knights, theme music to The Apprentice, introduced a hint of darkness.
It was a night to remember and it'll be impossible to hear Bach's Air on  a G String without recalling their alternative title, Ode to a Piece of Lingerie."
Trevor Ekins


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