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Co2 machines are ideal when looking for something to surprise your guests and create an incredible atmosphere.  There are plenty of options available to create the perfect effect for your event.
Co2 guns are hand held by our operators, and blast guests in short bursts, cooling them down by an impressive 20 degrees.
The Co2 also provides a literal chilled atmosphere, cooling down the dancers and the room. There's no danger, as it's safe to inhale. Moving heads are available that blast Co2 over guests while rotating at 360 degrees creating a euphoric vibe.  
Jets can be rigged into your venue of in the DJ area where it can be used to establish a rapport between the DJ and the guests.
Co2 Jets and Hand Guns are fantastic for venues who don’t want mess and where foam, bubbles or snow may not be suitable due to a slipping hazard. The Co2 machines don’t have this issue, they are mess free and you don’t have to worry about guests slipping and sliding! 
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