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Graham Jolley is an extremely engaging mind-reader, psychologist, entertainer, cabaret artiste and conference speaker with a stream of TV credits and a flair for keeping audiences enthralled.

As a corporate after dinner speaker, a private party entertainer or in open forum at a conference, his mind-reading ability baffles every audience he meets and gains their instant respect. He presents an unforgettable event with no parallel in show business. And what's more he's very funny.

An evening with Graham Jolley is an exciting demonstration of the power of the mind. He will read your mind, predict your holiday destination and with whom. He will analyse your handwriting, make a wine glass shatter with your mental energy, make a table levitate, and reveal a freely selected name and telephone number in a directory. Throughout the performance the emphasis is on humour and audience participation in the best possible taste.

He is equally at home at The Dorchester, Dallas or Dorset.  But wherever he performs, your guests will be amazed and intrigued. His acts include:
  • Dream Holiday Prediction
  • Remote viewing
  • Analysis of handwriting
  • Breaking a glass using the power of the mind
  • Psychology of colour
  • Floating table
  • Lottery prediction
  • Reading a person's mind over the telephone
His act is irresistible.  Whatever the audience, the mystery remains.

Graham Jolley is also available as a light-hearted link-man or compere for corporate conferences or gala dinner events.  What Graham Jolley does defies description. We can guarantee your guests will go home bewitched, baffled and bewildered as they witness his remarkable demonstration of mind-reading.

Perhaps one of the most remarkable aspects of  Graham's performance is the razor sharp wit which accompanies each astonishing demonstration, guaranteed to keep even the most talkative guest silent in baffled amazement.

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