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Soul Satisfaction and their American Four Tops Show feature the unique vocals of leader and founder William Hicks. From Atlanta Georgia USA he has become one of the most prominent ambassadors of Motown sound in the last two decades.

The group have toured extensively and are well known in Germany, Holland, Belgium, Spain and Ireland. Available with backing tracks or up to an 11-piece orchestra the show is simply untouchable!

From Atlanta, Georgia, USA, William Hicks has become the most prominent ambassador internationally of Motown sound in the last two decades. He formed several outstanding concept style shows, Soul Satisfaction's The History of Motown Show, the American Four Tops Motown Show and the American Legends Show with the slogan "Get Ready, Cos here we come" proceeding his arrival.
American Four Tops

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American Four Tops
American Four Tops

Four Tops Tribute Show - American Four Tops Set List

Reach Out I'll Be THere
Walk Away Renee
I Can't Help Myself
It's The Same Old Song
Don't Walk Away
When She Was My Girl
Reach Out I'll Be There
Loco In Acapulco

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