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More than 30 years on, the original members of Bucks Fizz - Cheryl Baker and Jay Aston, with founder member Mike Nolan are still ripping skirts off to cheers from thousands of fans old and new. They are joined by special guest, former Sweet Dreams lead singer, Bobby McVay who makes up the new group!
As the lights went up on the stage of The London Palladium 2,200 screaming fans jumped to their feet with rapturous applause. But this wasn’t a post Eurovision performance in the summer of 1981, this is 30 years later, at the sell-out anniversary concert, where they also promoted their new studio album "Fame And Fortune?", released using the name "OBF - Formerly Of Bucks Fizz". They have now stopped using the letters as "Formerly Of Bucks Fizz" says it all!
Cheryl, Mike and Jay are as energetic, youthful and dazzling today, as they were when they won the Eurovision Song Contest in 1981 with (the recently voted "UK's favourite Eurovision Song") "Making Your Mind Up", as part of the original line up of Bucks Fizz.
The legendary skirt-ripping routine propelled them to overnight worldwide success, charting at No.1 in many countries beyond the UK. They sold more than 15 million records, toured the world and achieved success not seen since ABBA. They exceeded the popularity of many of their contemporaries in an era where records were more expensive and less readily accessible.
Their music is timeless, classic pop. It was expertly written by Andy Hill, the same songwriter who wrote the number One hit "Walks Like Rhianna" for The Wanted. While the stigma of Eurovision and 'happy' music sometimes hampered the acclaim and success they deserved in the 80's, many former critics now acknowledge and praise the genius sound and the all-round package that was "Bucks Fizz". It is something that is the norm for today's bands, but was established by "The Fizz" at a time when few groups did this but many went on to copy. 
The simple, yet inspired formula of cleverly crafted and expertly produced pop, stunning costumes, and routines that the audience enjoy copying, paved the way for future bands such as ‘STEPS’ and 'The Spice Girls’. Combine this with the banter between Cheryl, Mike and Jay and the endearing personalities of these strong individuals shining through, and continue to delight the same fans who have followed them for more than 30 years, and also their children, and in some cases (much as it pains the group to say it)... now their grandchildren!
Their 2009 comeback "Splash" Tour was filmed and released on DVD ‘All That Glitters’, with a documentary containing new interviews with the band and backstage footage. One notable show on that tour was at the Newcastle City Hall, and the show marked the 25th Anniversary of the fateful night when the Bucks Fizz tour bus collided with a lorry in the city.
Although they now have to perform as ‘Cheryl, Mike and Jay -  Formerly Of Bucks Fizz’, they are regular panellists and guests on TV and radio shows and are still grabbing headlines in major and national newspapers, (for all the right reasons!)

The recent re-releases of their original studio albums, have been remastered on CD and download format, which include previously unreleased tracks and versions, combined with a strong presence on social media sites has gained them an army of new fans of all ages whilst welcoming back people delighted to relive their youth. All this ensures fantastic reactions whenever they play festivals, arenas and theatres throughout the UK and Europe.
Play a classic Bucks Fizz song or a newly recorded track by Cheryl, Mike and Jay to somebody now and if they don't instantly recognise it... they will be pleasantly surprised to discover who performs it!

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Formerly Of Bucks Fizz

Formerly Of Bucks Fizz Set List

Making Your Mind Up
Piece Of The Action
One Of Those Nights
The Land Of Make Believe
My Camera Never Lies
Now Those Days Are Gone
If You Can't Stand The Heat
Run For Your Life
When We Were Young
London Town
Talking In Your Sleep
I Hear Talk
New Beginning (mamba Seyra)
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