Guide Fee: £600 - £900

Location: Nationwide
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Carl & Dave are an Award-Winning Comedy Magic Illusion Act that will leave you gasping for air with their fast paced comedy twist on illusions and magic effects.
The duo's on stage chemistry is fully apparent, due the fact that they are real life friends. Their dedication to bringing the very best from their performances has helped them achieve their goals of winning over audiences wherever they perform.

With an abundance of props, music, comedy, magic effects and unique illusions their show is a refreshing change from the norm and has entertained a variety of audiences in every corner of the globe!

Awards Won:

International Brotherhood of Magicians Award for Best Magical Comedy Act 2010 & 2011

The Stage Review - Big Foot Events Showcase - 2013:
Closing out the first half of the evening was a comedy magic act called Carl & Dave. This is to all intents and purposes a prop comedy show with a magical twist, but there was one big difference. The lads presented their show as modern comedy and this could prove the key to their success. Carl & Dave is exactly the type of act we should be seeing guesting on television shows, but rarely do. In short, I just loved these guys.


“Right on cue - to liven up the now slightly flagging crowd - appeared Carl & Dave’s Comedy Magic & Illusions (Carl Charlesworth and Dave Allen). Mixing up comedy, much campness, impressive illusions and knock-about fun, this act burst into life and made for fabulous entertainment. The trickery was original, the banter between the two highly amusing and, come the end, you really sensed you had seen something quite unusual. Even if for large parts of the act you suspected they were busking it, there’s no mistaking that these were serious magicians at play, and loving it. The comic, camp spin that Carl & Dave’s Comedy Magic & Illusions act put on the ancient art of illusion certainly made them my act of the session.”
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