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Tribute bands at their best are not just about looking and sounding like their famous counterparts, they are about capturing the essence and sprit of the real article. In this respect, the Cavern Beatles score top marks every time. In fact, You could be excused for believing you are watching the Beatles themselves live on stage.

The four musicians who make up the Cavern Beatles are all from Liverpool. Perhaps this is what enables them to have so much empathy with the music they were all brought up with. It is obvious from individual photographs who is supposed to be who, but when the band come together on stage the likenesses become even more striking. As musicians, the Cavern Beatles have researched their parts meticulously, from chord shapes to drum fills, to ensure the music is represented as accurately as possible. The band are officially endorsed by the Cavern Club “where it all began”. The show covers the entire range of Beatles music - encapsulating all the excitement and energy of the touring years and the musical genius of the studio period.

The Cavern Beatles have made numerous Television and Radio appearances:-
James Whale Radio Show (Yorkshire TV), ITV Telethon (Granada TV), The Late Late Show (Ch.4), Celebration: Beatle City (Granada TV), Various News Programmes (Sky News, GMPTV), Granada Up Front (Granada TV), Pebble Mill (BBC), Points of View (BBC), Fox’s Biscuits Commercial (1997), Summer in the City (BBC), In the Footsteps of the Beatles (German TV special), The Kelly Show (UTV)

The Cavern Beatles have been the choice of:-
Allied Dunbar, Volkswagen Audi Group, IBS, Queen Noor of Jordan, Jaguar Cars, Coca Cola, Bng & Olfsen, Going Places, Cathay Pacific, British Airways, Sainsbury’s, Britannia Airways, Qantas, MPC, Jaeger, Burger King, Cadbury Ltd, Mercedes Benz, Glaxo, ICL, Olau Britannia, Sybase, Martin Dawes, Welcome, Asda, Gambro, Adams, B.A.R.C., Carphone Warehouse, 3M, United Distillers, L’Oreal, Guys Hospital, Thomsons Holidays, Umbro, Rover Cars, HSBC, Proton Cars, E.M.I., Hewlett Packard, British Telecom, Coalite, National Trust, Johnnie Walker, Manchester United F.C.

For those who remember the Beatles –they promise a night of pure nostalgia – for those who don’t – here’s a chance to find out what all the fuss was about!


“Eerie is the only word for it. On stage are four remarkably familiar faces….In the lacklustre field of tribute bands treading the boards, Cavern sparkle. Their performance of the Beatles catalogue is immaculate.”

“Amazing, that sends a shiver down my spine, not only do they look very much like them, but they sound like them and have all the actions as well.”

“The have studied the mannerisms, gestures and expressions of their superstar subjects and they are accomplished singers and instrumentalists who manage to capture the musical feel of the original Fab Four.”
Former Beatle Press Officer – TONY BARROW

“Simply awesome, it would be impossible for any Beatle band to surpass that set.”

“Like a scene from A Hard Day’s Night – amazing.”

“The new knights of de ja vu”

“Bearing more than a passing resemblance to the mop-tops circa ’64, their note perfect renditions of those 60’s pop classics complete the illusion of a fab-four gig.”

“The likenesses are striking – but the sound, the sound…. This could, indeed be the Beatles.”

“A perfect imitation”

“Terrific! It was the Fab Four incarnate. In 80 minutes of pure magic The Cavern Beatles were every bit as good as their pre-publicity said they were, only better.”


The Cavern Beatles

Beatles Tribute - The Cavern Beatles Set List

A Hard Day's Night
I Feel Fine
Eight Days A Week
Hey Jude
Twist & Shout
Penny Lane
She's Loves You
Ticket To Ride
I Wanna Hold Your Hand
Can't Buy Me Love
All You Need Is Love
Come Together
Get Back
Please Please Me
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