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Murder Mystery
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The events can be tailored to suit your requirements and usually begin with the 'larger-than-life' character actors meeting and greeting the guests during a drinks reception, setting the scene, introducing the characters, dropping clues / red herrings etc.
Scenes are performed right in front of you and just when you least expect it, the victim falls dead! From then on it's up to your guests to investigate and solve the murder.
All is revealed at the end with a re-enactment and awards for the Super Sleuth's and Defective Detectives!
The length of the evening usually lasts approx two and a half hours.

Themes available include:
  • A Meal With the Mob (Mafia Murder Mayhem)
  • Sherbert Holmes (Estate Agent - Secret Agent)
  • Popstars: The Rivals (An Off Key Murder Mystery)
  • What's Your Poison (Tale of Rivalry & Lust amongst the waiting staff at your venue!)
  • Death By Chocolate (A Night with Hollywood's finest)
  • Brideshead Decapitated (Wedding reception to remember)
  • Star Trek: The Final Front Ear (Star Trek Murder Mystery)
  • Human Remains of the Day (1920's Style Murder Mystery)
  • Sgt Peppers Loony Heart Stabbing Band (Beatles Murder Mystery)
  • A Bite With The Count (Hammer Horror Style Comedy)
  • Sam Valentine's Mealtime Massacre (Valentine Theme)
  • Whole Lotta Shootin' Goin On (Shake Rattle & Die!)
  • Scream If You Know What You Did Last Halloween!
  • Dead on Course (A Death at the Races)
  • Death or Denial (Being an Agatha Christie fan can be murder)
  • Literally Murder (A Literary Competition never to be forgotten)
N.B. Any theme can be customised to your event.
Murder Mystery
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