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We all like to go a little bit wild every now and again, and our Pre Historic party theme is the perfect excuse to let yourself go. We're not sure how cavemen of the past used to throw a party, so we can't claim to be giving you an exact replica, but we can guarantee our attention to detail with your venue decor will wind back the clock so far you and your guests will think you're Barny Rubble! 

We start with camouflage draping and theming and add huge crates, bones, giant rocks,-historic ceiling mobiles and banners. Even your DJ gets involved and adds to the atmosphere by dressing as Fred. 

We're not suggesting you should be clubbing each other over the head or dragging your woman into your cave by their hair - unless you both want to. However, we know that once you and your guests have walked through the Jurassic Park style entrance, you'll be taken back to a time when dinosaurs ruled the world. 

The team at Big Foot are always on hand to make recommendations and give advice on the best way to impress your fellow partygoers, and we have the ultimate addition to this theme. We have our very own dinosaur for hire, if you want to add genuine screams of terror and delight to your party then our T-Rex is the ideal extra.

A Choice Of Props:

·        Life Sized Dinosaurs & Amphibians
·        Crates, Bones & Rocks 
·        Artificial Plants and Tree's 
·        Jurassic Park Entrance Way 
·        Fire Flame Lights 
·        Camouflage Draping and Theming

Pre Historic Party
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