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Step into the enchanted land of Narnia and experience a party theme like no other! Great for Christmas events or theme nights. Our stunning Narnia themed props will transport you into a magical world! Upon entering the function guests will walk into a dark star clothed room, a light highlights the iconic image from Narnia - the wardrobe. The wardrobe is the entrance to the main room and to Narnia!

Your guests will pass through the wardrobe, pushing past fur coats and into the icy land beyond. To enter the function the guest walk over a frozen stream via an icy bridge, the Narnia lamppost lights their way. All around flocked fur trees and artificial snow.

When entering the room, flocked frozen trees line the outside of the room, blue up-lighters glow up the walls and trees. Snow covered lampposts give a glow of light around the room and large snowflakes hang down from the roof.

Aslan the lion stands proud in a corner of the room, watching over Narnia. In the centre of the room a frozen water fountain glistens under the blue lights.

At the far end of the room is the land of the White Witch. Her frozen palace is the setting for the stage and dance floor area. The Ice Palace stage set is complete with frozen white turrets, twinkling white backdrop and even a silver throne for the White Witch. An 8ft polar bear stands guard at the side of the stage. The white LED dance floor stands in front of the stage ready for the night’s entertainment. Frozen icicles and lighting units are suspended from the roof to complete the look.

Included in this theme night is the Narnia party production package, which includes additional lighting, sound, staging and special effects to give your venue/event that extra WOW factor. 

Narnia Prop Packages can include:

·        Narnia Wardrobe Entrance Walk
·        Aslan Lion Inflatable 
·        Silver Thrones
·        Lamp Posts 
·        White Stat Cloth Backdrop 
·        White Draping 
·        UV Glow Lights
·        Festoon Lighting 
·        Inflatable Polar Bear

And much more! Each package is put together bespoke for you!
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